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Re: Bokken suburi "problems"

Patrik Eng (Ta Kung) wrote:
Question: Does anyone have a good tip or, even better, a good exercise to improve my suburi?
Not to play on the word "tip," but one thing I do is extend my awareness into the tip of the weapon rather than at its hilt -- kind of like the way you'd think about the tip of your pen as you're writing or the tips of your chopsticks as you're picking a piece of food up.

Another tip I've received in the past which has helped is to use that inward "wrigning" feel with your hands at the end of the strike -- kind of like putting the "V" between your thumb and index finger at the top of the bokuto. It's slight, but it seems to help people.

Lastly (and this is more vague than anything else), rather than trying to stop the bokuto with your hands/arms/shoulders, stop it with your center. If you think about it, you're trying to move the bokuto with your center -- why not stop it with such, too?

Do other folks have more throughts for Patrik?

Hope that helps.

-- Jun

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