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ohhh i dont' know. i've been catching up to my seniors . circumstances are different for everyone and in my dojo this has been recognized. You see, I haven't had a baby lately ; nor been sent to Afghanistan; nor have I torn my Acl, ETC. SO I have logged time and had the opportunity to catch up.

it's been not necessarily good for me, and not so good for the dojo/harmony. It's hard to keep things in perspective , because reality is those people who've trained longer than me, in general they're better than me at this. They just haven't been able to have the continuity, and in some case the interest in the testing itself.How do you feel about ranking over someone whose abilities you sense are more polished than yours?

nothing's perfect.

My only consolatioin when I think about this, is that this is a private journey with no end (in sight) , so it shouldn't really matter

I'm sure though I'd be griping if I felt being held back artificially
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