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Edward Karaa (Edward) wrote:
Well, Osensei was indeed a human being, not a god or a machine. I find nothing disturbing in this story except that I would really like to know the author's purpose behind relating this story, and how accurate it is. Did his teacher exagerate, lie, or tell the truth. We also don't know what was Mr. Sagawa's reaction when Takeda Sokaku applied techniques on him. Did he laugh and ask for more?
The impression I got from the book was:

1) Sagawa was opinionated, but straightforward, and probably fairly honest in relating his stories.

2) He was of the "men don't cry" school, so Ueshiba crying was seen with some contempt.

BTW, that wasn't the only negative story related about Morihei Ueshiba. He also relates an encounter after the war in which he grabs M. Ueshiba's wrists (after some convincing - Ueshiba didn't seem to want to do it) in order to test his "Aiki", but M. Ueshiba was unable to move him. Apparently, M. Ueshiba then invited him to teach at hombu, which he initially agreed to, but later changed his (Sagawa's) mind.



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