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Jun Akiyama (akiy) wrote:
If I remember correctly, Tatsuo Kimira writes in his book "Toumei na Chikara" that according to his teacher Yukiyoshi Sagawa (who trained with Sokaku Takeda at the time), Morihei Ueshiba was seen to cry in the corner of the dojo after receiving some techniques applied to him by Takeda...

-- Jun
Well, Osensei was indeed a human being, not a god or a machine. I find nothing disturbing in this story except that I would really like to know the author's purpose behind relating this story, and how accurate it is. Did his teacher exagerate, lie, or tell the truth. We also don't know what was Mr. Sagawa's reaction when Takeda Sokaku applied techniques on him. Did he laugh and ask for more?
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