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Re: Unlearning Bad Habits

I am following this thread with interest. I just started Aikido a few months ago and while I mostly train at one dojo, occasionally I go to another one which offers a class in "basics". My home dojo is small and has a lively atmosphere. The teacher mixes things up, so even beginners start to learn techniques that are more advanced; that keeps things fun and unpredictable since he does not teach for testing purposes. The other place is more systematic, allowing me to focus more. It's interesting to receive feedback from different instructors and experienced students - when they all say similar things, I take note. And there are variations in style, or nuances in teaching, too, that are not identical, so if I am looking for the "right way" I guess I have to figure it out from various inputs. I have decided, for the time being, to enjoy being somewhat confused. And, with forward ukemi, when I thought I'd sort of got it (after weeks of really not getting it), my main teacher pointed out more nuances for me to pay attention to. There is no end to improvement, and I imagine it might be challenging for a teacher to determine when to say something to a student; one wouldn't want to correct so much early on that the student gives up and leaves. I can only integrate small bits of feedback at a time, and I imagine that is true for others, too. And, it's sad to read that some people might have been practicing in a suboptimal way for years and years with no one saying anything.
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