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Re: Ueshiba's training partners

Kieun Kim (Kieun) wrote:
Have a question. Have been reading up on Ueshiba a lot (since work has kept me from practice for two weeks!!! ARGH!) and given the amount of training and practice he has done, I find it interesting to find that there is little to nothing about anyone he trained with. I mean his training brothers and sisters, buddies, friends, partners, kohai and sempai, etc. Does anyone have any information about that?
His training partners? Uchi desi? Those would all be his kohai. If you have read up on O'Sensei, Takeda would have been a "sempai", I guess. O'Sensei also studied numerous other martial arts; judo, jodo, kendo, jujitsu, and others I am sure.

O'Sensei's book Budo, mentions names of those he studied under.

For those that studied under O'Sensei; Shioda, Chiba, Saito and Saotome sensei's just to name a few. There is quite a list.


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