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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply, and the disagreement

I now see why some people would vote yes... kinda...

I still disagree though.

you related an advanced level of aikido, including philosophy, to having extremely effective communication.

I would say that having good communication would not make you a more advanced aikidoka, but instead a more advanced teacher.

I still think that someone would be able to experience and incoroprate aikido in its entirity into their life, without necissarily being able to make it abstract and teach it.

Yes, being able to verbalise it and communicate it may help... but I think improving your ukemi is a better way of sharing aikido in its complete form than to try and explain it with words.

I still cant find the words or analogy to explain what I really mean...

but anyway
Michael Ellefson (MikeE) wrote:

I would have to disagree with you.

An advanced level of Aikido (if we are looking at the philosophy, as well as, the ability to toss someone to the floor) would also mean being an extremely effective communicator. I don't think you are going to get that as quickly without teaching and learning how to reach people and connect with people.

Even the uchi-deshi at Hombu during O'Sensei's time would teach. "Give me 3 yen and I'll teach you shihonage".

Just my humble opinion.

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