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Re: Unlearning Bad Habits

Cassia Rose Heatley wrote: View Post
Sometimes, here and there, I find moments where things just happen - like in jiu waza - but just as often I find myself grinding to a halt halfway through a technique because I didn't think clearly about the steps I needed to perform and got lost, as it were.(snip)
Happened to me in my nidan test - jo-dori...... er... now what... er... OK, uke hasn't countered me yet so I'll try this... Whew...

One think I can suggest - Whether you're trying to unlearn something or learn something new, take some time, quiet time, at home, and practice some part of what you're trying to "get" - maybe 400 or 500 times, slowly - accurately - daily - for a week. I had to relearn tenkan early on, and later, and later still.

In some training communities, people say slow is smooth, smooth is fast - start slowly, blend out the "stops" so you can go through the movement without "checks", and gradually speed up.

When you don't have to think about what's coming next in your movement, because it's a trained response, then you can get stuck being predictable, but if you're not thinking about what your body is doing, you can be more "in the moment" and respond more freely to the movements of the "attacker" because you're not paying attention to whether or not your knee is in line with your toes, or if your arms are in front of you...
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