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Brian H
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BB is largely BS

Look no further than the recent cover picture of the "martial arts expert" holding a katana like it was a baseball bat. Kotageshi is a fine defensive technique, with irimi nage running a close second. Which begs the question, "if YOU attack me and try to hurt me, whose fault is it when YOU get an boo-boo." All this talk about could you, would you, should you throw someone into a break fall is mote. Pavement is really hard, even a crisp break fall is likely to result in injury. The idea of good ukemi is to preserve your self and stay mobile and in control when force is applied to you. Yes, you can shatter someone with Kotageshi, you can do it on purpose if needed. The preverbial "Grumpy drunk" that you don't want to hurt can be handled with the same "deadly" techique by exicuting it close to his head w/, w/o atemi) and over his shoulder to take his balance and put his on his back without a break fall.
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