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Bruce Baker
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I wouldn't be surprised if O'Sensei did smoke socially, even if he did not carry on this habit into his everyday life.

I smoked cigars, and other tobacco products at work, but never at home. I stopped daily consumption in 1988, but still will have a cigar for wedding, funeral, birth of a baby, or social occasions for five or six events a year.

Not everyone is a tobacco addict carrying over the smoking of tobacco in daily life.

This might be another lesson of how human we are, and how contrary the lives of our heroes are when viewed in retrospect. I say, this is a trivial question that reflects your own journey overshadowing the lives of your heroes. You need to find your own way in life that works for you. There will never be an absolute perfect person to base you life upon, but you can take some of the good qualities of others, and make them your own.

I would be surprised if O'Sensei did not own a pipe and occasionally smoke it when talking about farming.
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