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Mayland Long (MaylandL) wrote:
Can you please explain Eric. I don't think that I have seen this one. If I have we may call it by a different name.
No problem.

Gokyo is the technique also known as ude nobashi. It, afaik, was originaly designed to be a defense against a knife attack. Most common forms are shomen uchi dai gokyo and yokomen uchi dai gokyo. They are afaik standard techniques within the aikikai curiculum.

Describing techniques is not my specialty but I will give it a try.The technique resembles ikkyo in some aspects, but the major difference is that the nage's hand takes uke's wrist from the other side. If you can watch movieclips with realplayer you can watch these clips at

Hope this helps.

Greetings and enjoy training.

Erik Jurrien Menzel
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