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Re: Smart Strength or Stupid strength?

>movement, but if I am bigger/ >stronger than you ... how do you >over come that size and strength >advantage?

Physics ;-)

No, I get what your saying and agree with it. It seems in someplaces I've been to visit, the use of *any* strength is poo-pooed. I picked up on this habit myself while in judo, till I had a black belt take me aside and say "you know, you don't always have to be so gentle, I'm not made from plastic" ;-)

>Too much upper body strength >means you have moved your center >closer to your shoulders ... is >that where you want your center >to be?


Given there is a "lunar plexus" (navel), the solar plexus (chest) must exist for some reason.

Perhaps there are times when hip mobility must be traded for hip stability?

>How many of people in your dojo >are using too much, and what >practices does your teacher use >to help correct it?

We had a gent in our judo dojo who was very, very strong in the upper body. When playing with him, I would make him "carry" my weight as well as his own, while hamepering his hip movement. He got out of wind pretty quick ;-)
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