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Did Osensei smoke?

Hi all,

I was reading the last issue of the french magazine Aikido & Aikibudo, and there was this article about Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei. In this article, there is a picture of Osensei and Hikitsuchi Sensei sitting at a Japanese style dining table with a few cups of tea. And Osensei is holding a cigarette in his fingers. The picture is not very clear so I cannot confirm 100% that it's not my imagination playing tricks on me.

I find it interesting to know that Osensei used to smoke. Of course at that time, no one ever heard about nocive effects of smoking, and knowing the love of the Japanese (and the aikido Shihans in particular ) for alcohol and cigarettes, I would be surprised if Osensei didn't smoke. Still this was the first time I see a picture of him with a cigarette in his fingers.
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