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BC wrote:
A non-aikido practitioner would never fly over in reaction to a kotegaeshi, and the same goes for those graceful flying breakfalls on shihonage, koshinage and the various kokyunage. Anyone who believes that all the graceful flying, rolling and falling ukemi we do resembles anything close to how someone on the street would react is in need of a serious dosage of reality
Most of the techniques that produce the great looking breakfalls in Aikido are eminently reversible if done the way we do them in practice (if you have a well trained uke). They are basically for show. Against an untrained uke they would be injurious but they usually can't be done a la dojo because the untrained uke won't move like the trained uke with your blend.

There are street applicable versions of all of our techniques that do not require trained ukes. But the application of the techniques must be done at the proper angles. These techniques collapse the subject rather than "throw" him. None require knowedge of rolling. These techniques form the basis for Police Defensive Tactics.

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