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Just to add some Shodokan nomenclature to Mayland's Aikikai set. Also give some info on the type of technique.

Aikikai - Shodokan

Ikkyo - Oshi Taoshi - Hiji waza (elbow tech)

Nikyo - Kote mawashi (or gyakute dori kote hineri osae) - Tekubi waza (wrist tech)

Sankyo - Kote hineri (or junte dori kotehineri osae, also tenkai kote hineri) -tekubi waza

Yonkyo - (Tekubi osae)- Tekubi waza (I think)

Kotegaeshi - Same - tekubi waza

Shihonage - Tenkai kote gaeshi - tekubi waza

Iriminage - Aigamae ate (or Gyakugamae ate for sokumen irimi nage) - atemi waza (striking tech)

Kaitenage - Tenkai Nage - hiji waza i think

Tenchinage - Same (or Tentai Aigamae ate) - atemi waza

Koshinage - Koshi guruma? - not sure what waza

Jujinage - Same (I think)- hiji waza

Udegarame - Ude gaeshi - hiji waza

Hope this helps, this is only the beginning of a list I've been working on. Peter, Sean and the other Shodokan guys may be able to clarify some of the stuff I'm unsure about.

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