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Without cultural background its impossible to pratice an contextualized art.

Art is more than technique.

Yes, a shiho nage works by any name, independently of what kind of cloth you wear and language you speak.

But that is only a technique.

If we throw away the japanese language, the clothing, the etiquete, the cosmological view...we end up with something that cannot be truly called AiKiDo.

AiKiDo is a JAPANESE martial manifestation just as samba is a brazilian musical manifestation.

A russian may use the same kind of tempo and instruments and compose a beautiful music, but without the cultural background it won't be samba.

If you are in AiKiDo for the fighting techniques, to study japanese culture in order to further understand AiKiDo's context is a waste of time.

But if you see AiKiDo as more than jointlocks, i strongly advice you to delve deeper into Japan...

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