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Ron Tisdale
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I highly recommend finding a yoshinkan instructor and having them teach you the basic movements practised there. You may also find these basic movements in some of Shioda Kancho's books (Dynamic Aikido, Total Aikido) as well as in the Yoshinkan Training Manual by Inoue Sensei.

These movements focus on how to move your body in ways which almost any style of aikido might use. One or two might not apply to your particular style, but I'm sure most would have some value. Some examples might be:

After class (or finishing) exercise 1 and 2 for shihonage omote and ura

Cross step in body change for iriminage and sokumen iriminage (kokyunage)

elbow power one and two for irimi and off-balancing in many techniques

If aiki ken and jo are practised where you train, I also recomend pratising those at home.

Ron Tisdale

Ron Tisdale
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