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Ron Tisdale
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Hi Josh,

I guess some of us just get tired of the old "violent Daito ryu" crap. Pardon my french, but there isn't really a better way to say it. As another poster said, in my limited experience in two branches of Daito ryu, there is no ripping out of spinal columns. People should research Daito ryu if they are going to make statements about it. Especially ones like that. Oh, "my teacher said so" is not research. Check out the research done by Stanly Pranin, much of which is available on his web site, (pardon the plug Jun, hope you don't mind)

Hi Alfonso,

Its good to know the word is getting out. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

Just to give an idea, the six principles of training in mainline Daito ryu are:







Now, that doesn't sound too brutal, does it? I have heard every one of these terms at one time or another in the style of aikido I practise. Their implementation may differ somewhat in Daito ryu, but these are not foriegn terms to most aikidoka.

Ron Tisdale

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