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Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
On a related note this weekend was the All Kansai Aikido Championships (Tomiki). I was watching both the male and female world champions (the male also does really well in shoot fighting) and one thing both had in common was a certain calmness when dealing with their opponnent. This of course, especially in the case of Yu (male) translated into an explosive application of technique at the correct moment.

Interesting weekend - the next day was my town's Judo tournament. The All-Japan Juniour High School champion hails from here. Damm he was good.
Oh how I envy you Peter Hoping to get to the Internationals in the UK in 2003.

I agree with that calm before the explosion tactic - great practical manifestation of yin/yang principles too. I use it a lot in tanto randori when I get cornered (basically becuz I have no other choice).... remain calm, relax and harmonise with tanto's breathing and as the tsuki comes, just before the tanto makes contact... BOOM! textbook Uki otoshi (randori no kata style), unquestionable ippon

Talk about

We now take you back to your regularly scheduled programming


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