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Cool Mags&Truths

I have to disagree about BB Magazine. I think it and all other martial arts are great... for the pictures. The articles, however, are and should be under constant scrutiny.
Next topic...

#1. Judo may train full speed but they don´t drop each other on their heads either, therefore not real.

#2. I´m an Aikido practitioner and love it, but have to admit that many, many, Aikido practitioners DO have an inflated view of themselves and their potential for situational success, and would and generally do get whooped when they´re not good enough at it to be using it.

#3. I disagree that Aikidoka´s objective is to master the kote-gaeshi and that we don´t know what it would do if applied. I would argue that we try to master ALL the technique´s in the ever-growing repetoire(sp?). If you´ve learned how to apply kote-gaeshi, you´ve probably learned that it is a breakfalls-not-included technique, just like the rest.

#4. Disagree? Call 1-800-...-....

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