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Nothin we can do.
maybe a mention that this is a misunderstanding. I think, what most people mean by this is that Aikido has techniques that have a harder expression usually understood as jujutsu.

maybe a lot of teachers have assumed that since Daito Ryu was a base for Aikido m therefore think that Daito Ryu is this "violent jujutsu" style of martial art.

would it be more accurate to say that Daito Ryu and Aikido have different ways of teaching this, and that if you were to see "Technique" the context of a fighting game (which includes pulling out the spine out of the back and chomping on the stil beating heart) it would neither be Aikido nor Daito Ryu?

That to actually find AikiDo or Daito Ryu in a game; the fight should end up in something like not a fight?

- PS : I don't study DR , nor does my teacher make any claims about it. I'm trying for clarity's sake to understand what you guys have offered here and in other places, lest this MEME of DR the violent tamed by Aikido continue to cause bad blood.

, just so you know you have been doing something about it
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