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Jeff Tibbetts
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I think that anytime you do anything relating to, well, anything, then you should study as much as possible about related topics© I first became interested in Japan when my brother-in-law decided to learn the language© I told him I'd learn it with him ¥he has a minor learning disability and I thought it'd help¤ and I picked up a language book and a culture book© This is something I learned from my oldest brother, who is a classics major and knows over a dozen languages, he always said to learn a little about the culture as well as the language© Well, I can't remember which book it was, but that's only because I basically bought out the whole section at the bookstore on Japan, it's religions and history and martial arts and everything©©© I was totally hooked© The one recurring thought that I had this whole time was that much of what I read in one book would relate to something I read in another and so on, to a much greater extent than I thought it would have© After reading about all the martial arts I decided that Aikido was very much a different flower than the others, not that there's anything wrong with the others, but Aikido is certainly different© After everything I've learned about Japan, I'm still adding to it every day and I keep making those connections© There have been a few times where what I've learned on the mat has made a strong connection with something else that I've seen or read© Does anyone else have this happen?

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