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Richard Elliott
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Mike Lee (mike lee) wrote:
There's an infinite amount of levels such a relationship can have, but ultimately, it seems to me, all hinges on trust and respect.
Thanx Mr. Lee, your probably right. My question was vague. I thought to delete it shortly after I wrote it. The theme of the thread seem to me, at least partly, to do with reasonable expectation of students of the teacher: the linguistic derivation of shihan and sensei. It seems clear to me, from reading about what people consider to be a teacher, is that it is someone that is willing to share what they know in a generous way. Yes, I guess this sharing would have to be based on trust and respect.

O'Sensei did state that techniques should not be shared with evil-doers.

"Infinite"? I don't know about that?

Respectfully, Richard
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