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Erik wrote:
Would anyone passing through here on their way to wherever figure that out?

How come, if that guy really said something like that, we never talk about it?

Threads I found:

"Street Aikido experiences"
"Aikido does not work at all in a fight"
"Realistic Aikido"
"Would you kill an attacker? (second in posts only to the great battle of the sexes)"
"Injuring an enemy"
"are we really ready to die?"
"Street Aikido"
OK. Let's turn these negative and violent themes around...

"Street Aikido experiences" > "Street Love experiences - Random acts of affection/love" ...Yeah Baby!!!

"Aikido does not work at all in a fight" > "Aikido DOES work in lovemaking" ...Mmmmmm

"Realistic Aikido" > "Realistic Love".....24/7

"Would you kill an attacker?" > "Would you make love to an attacker?"...Maybe

"Injuring an enemy" > "Making love to an enemy"....Depends, sounds like a movie title

"are we really ready to die?" > "are we really ready to love?"...I think so

"Street Aikido" > "Street Love"...Is this legal? (maybe in Nevada)

It's starting to sound more and more like an excerpt from the Stuart Smalley show, a therapy session, or a 12 step program. Warm and fuzzy. Not that there's anything wrong with that. In fact, I almost wish I felt warm and fuzzy after summer camp instead of tired, stiff and sore. Just trying to interject some humor with some perspective, folks. Does anyone else find it somewhat contradictive/ambivalent that aikido, while being called the "art of love", is still a very powerful martial art? Kind of like a moving, living Zen

Robert Cronin
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