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Richard Elliott
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I am inclined to agree with most of what Mr. Baker has written regarding to teacher/student dynamic. A good teacher is usually confident enough and has the understanding to know if and when stepping out of his/her "role" is called for or necessary for whatever reason. I've never taught Aikido. I have taught ESL classes at college and am sometime called to provide instruction at work. So my teaching experience is limited. But I have been a student,a good one and a bad one, as I guess most of us have at times.

I'm curious as to what point in training is it really necessary for an instructor to find it necessary to "go beyond" the minimum stardards of just technical instruction? I mean, is there a point where it is absolutely necessary for the teacher and student to form some bond, that is not necessarily based on voluntary friendship or loyalty, but stays within a strict boundary of Teacher and Student, for the student to continue to progress?

Maybe there isn't one. I am not asking a rhetorical question, but I am curious for any response.

Respectfully, Richard
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