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Bruce Baker
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lowering strength to center

I know it takes awhile for some people to get the feel for where strength is coming from in the application of Aikido, and I am getting better at it.

I got pretty good at holding up 300-400 pound outboard motors as they were balanced for installation ... you quickly learn to either use your lower center of gravity to get strength, or you will lose your balance as the slightest shift will make the motor fall. Live weight, on the other hand, is a much easier commodity to move, to take balance away, or have it resist you with countermovements.

Within the treatise of the question of "can we teach large strong guys to use less body strength", I don't want to be the teacher, but there must be something we can do to correct this problem in a simple way?

Maybe just a simple drill of learnig to push someone with our whole body, rather than the upper body is the answer?

How about taking your obi, your belt, tieing it around you body so that the belt holds your elbows at your ribs, and then having them push with the lower body. It would certainly force one to use the power found in the lower body.

I could go into some other things I have seen, and other methods, but I was wondering if any other aikido practitioners were actually working on other types of drills to corret this incorrect application of arm and upper body strength verse hip strength?

I am not so much concerned about applying the lessons of old school, tiring out the practitioner, because that method sometimes takes many months for the stubborn toughguy, or toughwoman.

I am a little more concerned that most teachers, and practitioners, are still trying to correct this simple condition with trial and error teaching of practice.

I thought we could share some of the training drills practiced in different dojos.
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