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Hi Erik,

I would agree that folks on the web are generally more interested "real life (fighting) aikido experiences" and tend to forsake all else for these tidbits. Maybe because it's a lot easier to imagine giving an attacker an unconditional !&#* - kicking rather than unconditional compassion. There is a natural tendency for people to immediately revert to fear response especially when fantasizing about a "street situation". What I find amazing is that we continually entertain these fantasies to make ourselves feel better about what we're doing. I guarantee that it is the very few of us who've had any real experience in this area and those few tend, I find, not to talk about it so much. There is no need.

When I use aikido in life, ie. work, personal relationships etc. (I've never been in a fight since starting aikido.) I always make sure to look from the perspective of the person I'm communicating with. Aikido has given me the ability to do this and it's no small feat. In doing so I am plucked from my own narrow world view (my perspective) and have any building frustration or anger deflated.

I fantasize, you fantasize, "they" fantasize about real world situations, that's pretty common. Aikido comes into play when we ask why we engage in these particular fantasies. What is the root cause of our fear. What are we afraid of when we're lying in bed at night imagining walking down the street and being attacked.....?


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