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les paul
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I have not read the Article, but do enjoy Lowery's works. Although what I've read above it does appear a little bias towards Judo.

Let's look at Black Belt magizine. We all know it's one of worse publications on Budo in the market. (i.e. it really sucks!) We all know it panders to the TV martial artist and we know that grappling and trashing striking arts is very popular with these bogus practioners. I'm willing to bet that Lowery couldn't get a current article published in Black belt if it didn't have some grappling theme.(remember it is a buisness and grappling is selling, so he probably thought it would be easy money to write a grappling article). Anything in that magizine is junk......nuff said.....

Although this post does bring to light that there are Aikido schools and styles that don't practist Budo, but that's another thread.......

Stay focused and train the hardest you can....Budo is Budo and nothing more.....
Paul from Michigan
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