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I agree with all of the above. But I also think it is important to keep in perspective the amount of time a practitioner puts into training. Some people simply cannot devote their entire lives to aikido training. Their are duties and responsibilities that, by necessity, have to take on a higher priority than training, such as family and work.

I've experienced this first hand. Over the past year, I began a family and moved about an hour's drive from the dojo I where I began my aikido training. Even though the commute can be tough, I still train in that dojo because for me it is still a special place for me to train. Because of the commute and my desire to spend time with my family and work requiremets, I've had to cut back attendence at the dojo from four times a week to two. My fellow aikidoists understand this and are very supportive.
This issue brings to mind a quote from Akira Tohei Shihan, who used to say (as best as I can recollect), "You must have balance in every aspect of your life. If you do not have balance in your life outside the dojo, you will not have balance in your aikido."

My adivce to E akin is to keep your eyes open for opportunities for training. Not all aikido dojos advertise. If you haven't done it already, you might try contacting local YMCAs or local community centers; sometimes classes are offered at these locations, and you just have to hunt them down.
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