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Hi Don,

Don J. Modesto (Don_Modesto) wrote:
Man, table's turning so fast it must be on gimbles...
As long as we're not also gyre-ing in the wabe...
I like what you wrote, especially 3, 5, and 8. They seem like conscious precepts to me, understanding as I write that they probably obtain as spontaneous sentiment--the spiritual(?)
It's hard to say. I think all of them have to be worked on consciously before they become "un"conscious.

And then, of course, there's the "embodiment" aspect, too...

[Lots of really good stuff snipped.]
I feel this is inarticulate, but it's what I can offer.
Whenever I write stuff like this, it always seems inarticulate. It's difficult to pin stuff like this down -- especially since it's usually in a state of flux.

As far as the server seeming to be in Kinshasa, it probably means your own timezone isn't set correctly in your user options...

-- Jun

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