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So I went to class on Monday night, not expecting anything different (not that that's a bad thing, I LOVE going to class!). But we had a substitute instructor filling in for our regular teacher, who did the entire class a little differently. We started with basic ki excercises derived from techniques, then we slowly began building on the excercises until we were doing the full technique. Then we lined up with one person in the middle of the mat, and they would throw everyone in the line in order and then switch. Then, we got to do 3 person Randori (my first time), using only that one technique! Really, we only worked on one movement the entire class, but in each "phase", we learned it under a different context. It was so cool being able to start learning something on your own, then with another person, then the whole class, then in a battle-esque situation. I hope this class setup appears more often, it could REALLY help teach us to stay relaxed, and also how take something we've learned and practice it under pressure. Just wanted to share.
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