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Re: Re: Spiritual Understandings

Don J. Modesto (Don_Modesto) wrote:
How about you, Jun?
Not fair! Not fair! I'm supposed to ask the probing, open-ended questions!

OK, then. With that out of the way... Some spiritual things that I have gotten out of aikido training include:

1) There's more than one correct way to do it.

2) There's always someone better than I am.

3) The person who may not be as good as I am in something can always do something else better than I can.

4) I can only change myself -- not others.

5) Make mistakes. It's OK to do so. Heck, it's necessary.

6) There's (almost) always more time than you think.

7) Awareness then acceptance before conscious change.

8) Return to center.

9) Listen.

10) Breathe.

Hmmm... Now, are those spiritual or philosphical (if even that)?

So, Don. How 'bout yourself?

-- Jun

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