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Hello Boys and Girls!

Well, how should I start? I didn't read this article myself, but if it was quoted correctly and the context in which it was written was quoted correctly, I tend to get very upset about it. I mean haven't we already had this sort of discussion? Haven't we already come to the point that no martial art is better or worse than another and it's only the practitioner who makes it "work" or "don't work"?
Of course we don't use our full force in training! Otherwise it would be KILLING and HURTING. I don't know the guy who wrote this article. I don't know whether he is experienced in Aikido. But I sure know that last training my teacher demonstrated kote-gaeshi on me. And I can't free-fall. So he did a softer version. And now I KNOW it works!! Referring to the point of "reality-MA": I wouldn't care if an agressor can fall or not. It's my job to protect myself and I wouln't care if I "blend" with his movement. I would just try to get him to the ground and make him stay there until I leave. BUT in training I would try to use as little physical effort as possible, because if it works without power then it also works with it.
At least I think that somebody who says that the idea of non-violent defence which is one of the main ideas of Aikido, was romantic and therefore not usable in reality, simply doesn't know what he is talking about.Yes it may be romantic, but it is usable in reality.
Hope I made my point clear enough.

Greetings to all of you, my friends!
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