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Ali B
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Hi Jun & everyone,

I always receive spiritual gains and for me this is more important than technique. E.g I am more connected to people and even rocks trees, etc after practice. Sometimes I feel like I know what my family are thinking and feeling, sometimes it manifests as an epiphany.

This can be normal state for everyone, although aikido seems to enhance it. Being able to completely relax body and mind does help to open my heart and practicing an art which promotes peace gives me more empathy towards others.

- Is that spiritual? I donīt know but it feels like it. There are hundreds of examples, most of which can be better recognised when you feel the difference in your body before and after. I need a practice today as I am having a very stressful time at work. I'm tense, negative in my emotions and quite agressive actually. If we were to speak after 2 hours in the dojo I would be completely different. - A little Buddha.

I want to feel like that every day and try to as much as possible but no matter how good I feel before entering the dojo, I leave it feeling more at peace with the world and in love with all my fellow men (and women)

I'm not very good at explaining my feelings towards aikido...
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