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Well TomE...


I frequent several web boards, some of them for many years already, but I've never managed to post more than a couple of hundred posts on any one of them. I don't post unless I have something relevant (or at least moderately funny) to say; that helps a lot. I have a life, that helps even more. As long as you don't get ridiculously high post counts in short amounts of time (like 1000+ posts in two or three months) you probably don't have to worry too much.


what can I say but "ouch!". Ok, I'll now write on the blackboard "do not use the humour forum to try to be humorous" 1000 times - that should do it. For anyone just reading the last few threads.. honest, it was just a bit of fun, I promise 500 extra ukemis every day for a month in penance.
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