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Yoga is meditation for people who can't settle down.

I think Aikido is ideally practiced along with meditation, farming and other chores. The Dojo should be the community's main schoolhouse - open all hours, and it ought to be basically self supported

Please don't call that communism, maybe it's accurate but that's a damaged word. How bout Aikism?

We Americans really don't stand a chance when reaching for "Star Trek Time" - Not because of the type of government we have, but because of the particular government we have.

It's not a long trip from money to sexual reproduction. Any interest which doesn't compete or carry influence in the sexual arena isn't worth money because money is so urgently sought by the sexually interested; ie. people who want or have families ( or want or have sexual interests... distractions from sexual interests... etcetera ) hence; Viagra wins, Aikido loses in terms of money. But ... *grin* which is really **cheaper**?
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