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Western-wise martial arts are all basically combat sports - I hoped Aikido would be different but it is infected by this attitude; what gives us no advantage is worthless, ie. worth = relative advantage. This is a scientific-worldly perspective, not even philosophical, let alone mystical. The problem as I see it is that talk is sort of pointless beyond what is scientific-worldly. We need to practice. Aikido and meditation will teach us things we cannot put into words - it doesn't mean they are invalid. These practices may not fit well into the category of offering an obvious relative advantage but life is bigger than logic and time will demolish every personal advantage eventually anyways.

Having said that, really the question is who you want to associate with. Not that you have much choice in reality... For that matter you might chose a very sensible thing like Aikido and wind up having to deal with real idiots. In which case - a fine opportunity to learn a lesson! But hey, don't get caught up, just go on and keep improving your practice - you can do that in a thunderstorm can't you? So why worry?

Personally I like Damien's answer the best - like; don't get arrogant, who are you to think you know it all? HaHa, I like it. Okay, maybe there's some people going off the deep end, just go on and practice. Aikido isn't going to offer you super powers unless you practice and the funny thing is - if you do get super powers (by hook or crook...) it's not pleasant or useful to show off. Even a super-Aikido practitioner is a beginner when they get on the mat.
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