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then u should have taken the time to find out then sensei. i felt u were snide. regardless of how u feel about your comment, its how i see and took it. for some one who talk so much about energy and movement ; u would think u would see your comments were meant to undermind me. then by adding a winking smiley face was a definate tongue in cheek attempt to be cute. while tryn to be a show off and be abusive with your chief instructor position.
your comment was in no way helpful or had any hint on conveying or imparting any help. it was totally devoid of guidance. now in no way did i demean you or your position as a respected sensei . but clearly u didnt extend any apologies or any wish to seek peace. it was a more or less here if u dont like it then tough, but if u want then try to explain yourself then try too.
but i would like to extend my apologies to sensei, i am sorry that this came about.
and ian i am always smilin. even in the heat of battle or debate. the smile never leaves cause i am having fun baby
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