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You guys inspired me...

Here's my humble offering, sung to the tune of "I get no kick from champagne'....


My story is much too sad to be told

My creaking, aching joints are making me old

I offer nikyo as a point in case

When I'm down on bended knee

Fighting vainly the urge to flee

Then I suddenly turn and see

Your fiendish face

I get no kick from the pain

Mere Tylenol doesn't help me at all,

To my shame I admit that it's true

I can't wait to nikyo you

I got a kick in the groin

I couldn't rise till the throbbing subsides

Grab my wrist and I'll circle on cue

Then I get to nikyo you

I get a kick every time I see you kneeling there

Before me

I get a kick though it's clear to see

You obviously do not adore me

I get a kick from your face

Flying up high with your skirts in the sky

After I jointlock and fling you goodbye

Oh, I get a kick out of you...

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