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Mikey wrote:
Nobody can trace me from this site can they?

I mean this IS all anonymous isn't it?

If not, then please don't hold me responsible for what my evil twin, Ikey just said above.
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It's the first place they'd start and Jun works for them.

By the way, I was pretty sure that you hung out where you hung out. So frankly, I could have found you. That is, if I wanted to blend my way through an obscene amount of traffic.

If you guys have the same mats you had several years ago then you get my vote for tough guy. They always kicked my butt. Then again, maybe I'm just too delicate for them.

Bug wrote:
Maybe if we get "The Rock" to visit all of our respective dojos then we could find out?
Or maybe just arm-wrestling.

--W. (Not a Bush)
Pat Patterson would have kicked the Rock's butt. Besides I heard the other day he's been deposed as champion. He's a has-been.

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