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Mike Collins
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Right now, I'm stumbling around doing my own Aikido. I think that when I really understand the principles I'll get closer to Osensei's Aikido than I am today. I think his is a bit closer to true than mine. At least at this point.

I don't want to do an imitation of Osensei, I want to get to his understanding of what makes it work, and I think at that level it starts to get much more like his than mine. Think of all of the offshoots and realize they each are doing an imitation of Osensei at some point in his development. How cool would it be to get past style, right to principle?

I'm not eager to die either, but when I get old (as opposed to the sprung, I mean spring chicken I am today), that'll be soon enough. And every day they come up with more ways to put that off.....
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