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11/18/2002 9:23am [from Keith Moore]

Aikido Shinjinkai announces Etsunengeiko, its traditional New Year's Training at the Aikido Center of Chicago, co-sponsored by Chozen-ji Illinois Betsuin.

On Dec. 31, training will include susuharai (dojo cleaning), zazen (meditation), and Aikido practice. The temple bell will be rung 108 times, culminating in okyo (chanting) at midnight. Afterwards there will be a party at which traditional foods and sake will be served.

On Jan. 1, a core group of committed students will swing heavy bokuto 10,000 times: 1000 cuts every hour on the hour from 10am to 8pm. Guests may join in at any time for a portion of this training. A group dinner will be held afterwards.

Etsunengeiko will be conducted by Shinjinkai Director Keith Moore Sensei, John Mazza Sensei, Sozan Miller Roshi, Soen Linxweiler Roshi, and other senior Aikido and Zen students. There is no charge for any part of this training, and all are welcome. Please call 773.472.3290 for more information.
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