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SmilingNage wrote:
with all due respect sensei, dont para-phrase what i said. then make a smart little comment to follow it. if u got something to say; say it. dont be checky about it. i feel u took what i said and changed its meaning. nothing constructive can be gained from your rather smart, snide remark. u being a teacher i would hope to gain more insite from you. but save the tongue in cheek remarks to yourself.
I did not para-phrase. I quoted you Exactly. I was not snide, in fact, I was very direct about my opinion. The smiley was meant and is usually taken as a way to be direct but not disputive. Take it any way you want to. If you were meaning something else, you didn't say it. At all. If all you can do is respond in this manner, I'm not interested in what you have to say, and you can keep it to yourself as well. If you want to explain yourself, fine. If you want to know what I meant, ask.

With all due respect? Nonsense.

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