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I dont know if any of you are subscribers to Black Belt Magazine but I just received the newest issue and I am a little surprised about how they have put down aikido and karate. Here are some quotes from an article. The article is titled "The Benefits Of Judo" and it was written by Dave Lowry. The first thing they say about aikido goes as follows: "Consider the following: An aikido practitioner masters the kote gaeshi, a throw in which the wrist is reversed until the opponent is sent flying. Only it would never work that way. Kote gaeshi, in reality, could very well drop a person and dislocate his wrist, elbow and shoulder. But unless the person was well-trained in aikido, he wouldn't take that big fall. He'd go down in a screamin heap, almost certainly putting the mass of his weigh in a direction with which the aikido practitioner has never had to contend. The aikido exponent, in other words , can never practice his technique against an opponent for real." To me that is extremely harsh. The article deals mostly with how great judo is because they practice things at full speed but aikido and karate practictioners cant. Theres another part about aikido taht goes as follows: "It's interesting, too, that the judoka rarely have the exaggerated sense of their own "deadliness" that you see in karate practitioners - or the romanticized sense of self that one sees in aikido practitioners who believe that they can effortlessly "blend" with any attack and neutralize it." I am extremely upset about the way they basically say that aikido would never really work. How do you all feel about this?

Geoff Long
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