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I personnaly think that if you post something here which bites you then it is your own fault. Said something you should not have? Your own fault! Insulted somebody just because you needed to be right? Your own fault! Abused the trust others put in you? Your own fault! Made a complete ass of yourself? Your own fault.

In everything I do, writing in forums, visiting dojo, visiting seminars and talking with people I can only be truthful. I assume anybody can see/ will hear what I am doing. I assume my teacher knows what I do. And of course I am fully accountable for it. As I know it this is the normal way in Aikido. If I do something bad I probably wont hear it (directly), but my teacher will hear it and held accountable for his students actions. (Which of course will mean I am in deep $%#^& anyway). As in true existentialism I do believe that a man (woman) is the sum of his actions. Inmy opinion that is the way life works, like it or not.

So if you got screwed by something you wrote on the forum there is realy nobody to blame but yourself.

Erik Jurrien Menzel
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