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Dennis Hooker
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I want people coming to the dojo to know and understand their body. It's physical strengths and limitations. We will try to improve its strength and overcome some of its limitations while learning a fine martial art. I want them know before hand their health status and understand that knowledge of their health is business to be attended to before training. That is the first lesson in self defense. I also like for them to know we will be blueprinting a new set of movements into their minds and bodies. Just like learning to print letters as a child the movements will start slowly. It seems most all expect more of themselves than I expect of them.

From the non physical side I want them to know where they are and what they are doing. We are about improving our lives in a very real way and not at all about playing games. I lose some here when I tell them if they want to learn to fight and win over others they are in the wrong place. I will gladly suggest some good teachers in arts that do that sort of thing.

Dennis Hooker

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