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oh right, you are correct! My bad! Because I know only the surname "Mori Shihan" and only that name comes to mind. Sometimes I'm thinking of going abroad to practice. Seeing the other countries way of aikido training. What's that gonna be called? Aikido tourism? Heheh.
Maybe one-two weeks everyday?

right at the basic principles.

All of you can tobi ukemi? And feather falls?
Not sure on what you mean with that last question. Tobi = jump, so I am guessing you are asking if people can do a soft jump break fall? I land softly from those falls, but the way I do iriminage doesn't allow for a jump break fall to make much sense, or be possible, out of it. I don't throw someone until their head is well behind their hips - which would make tobi ukemi not a good idea unless I changed use's orientation as I threw.

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