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To throw in my two cents,

I think 'logic' and 'speech' as mentioned by Fabris are not necessarily as intrinsically connected as some people assume. The reason for my thinking this is that in our dojo here in Korea, one of our instructors is an Englishman. Of course he's able to speak some Korean, but naturally he doesn't have the kind of fluency needed for very detailed or complex explanation of technique. What I've found is - he doesn't need to.
His style of aikido and his teaching of it are both highly logical. But he shows us the points we need to know basically by body language. By accentuating certain aspects of his movement during demonstration of technique, or by using a few simple words, I've found as a student his teaching is highly effective. And I've found the best instruction I get is when he throws me.
What I've found is his 'logical' mind is always turned on during his aikido, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that IMHO.

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