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Hello, Jun,

It's partly a matter of finding the time... and partly a matter of the nature of the questions. Perhaps I would be less inclined to mark off the physical from the non-physical so sharply, at least in the case of a beginner.

Beginners need to start the process of learning what I would call 'body awareness', for example, where your feet and head are in mid-ukemi.

But body awareness is just one small part of the awareness that needs to be learned. I have noticed that some of my beginning students sometimes cannot do what I show them. Either they have not seen what I have shown, or they are not yet aware of what their body is doing and so lack control.

Another important thing is to begin to learn the whole art of cooperation with one's partner: the awareness that this does not simply mean helping one's partner to do the technique successfully, or preventing one's partner from doing the technique at all.

Much of the above is both physical and non-physical, in my opinion.

Best regards to all,

P A Goldsbury
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