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When do you guys rise your hand to prepare for the throw in ura? While spinning? or while moving forward to throw? If I want to make my uke go lower, How do I lower my center? By bending my knee? Or drop my shoulders?

I wish everyone knows this. Maybe my dojo is McDojo.
Prior to moving forward in the throw. You want to steal uke's balance before trying to throw them, in every technique.

Some people advocate bending the knee. If that works for them, great. You'll never catch me doing that on purpose, as I'm an advocate of not compromising my posture and balance (unless its like a shikodachi type stance). I lower myself by lengthening my stance while keeping upright and centered.

As said, your shoulders should not be 'up' in aikido. Dropping your shoulders can be very tough. Having a seasoned senpai watch over you, and paying attention in mirrors helps.

My basic iriminage is;
-intercept and offbalance uke (uke snugly attached to my body)
-initiate and finish arm movement before uke can regain balance from initial interception - arm finishes around chest level, uke is completely off-balance (katameru)
-while maintaining uke in your center, C-step past uke's centerline then around to the far corner, while cutting arm the rest of the way down to direct where uke falls.
-In this version Iriminage is, in its basic form, a throw done with nage's whole body, not just their arm.

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